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I'm Serena Klaver and I am a Community Resiliency Planner on Vancouver Island

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What is Community Resiliency Planning?

True resiliency can be defined by the power of recovery; resistance to adversity. Planning for resilience in our communities does not mean planning to withstand events that result from change. Planning for resilience means working to understand the potential shocks and stresses our communities will face as a result of change-related events and planning to ensure that our communities can continue to function, operate and thrive despite them.

We can build resilience over time by changing how we process negative events. True resilience can be strengthened by expressing gratitude for the good things in our lives. We can always strive to be self-reliant, and this is of value in our lives, however, without a doubt we need others. Let’s be both real and open to this. Let’s truly build real communities. Let’s build resilient ones, and let’s start with ourselves. We cannot build anything truly resilient without first building the healthiest and most resilient foundation for ourselves. 

Through capacity awareness practices we can develop resilient capacity-building strategies together. With the development of courageous communication techniques we can approach building resilient relationships and communities sustainably. And through the application of all of this awareness, we can go out into our communities to consult and access the true stories that really matter to foster and achieve resilience for all.


on Empathy

My Approach

To me context is key. Strategies help us break down big ideas or ideals into incremental steps to help us bring life to these dreams and desires. I deeply value possessing a belief in abundance, focus, discipline, accountability, community, truth, and integrity; this allows solutions and successes in my life and others to be reached. At the very core of my belief and knowing is the value in connection. I am committed to facilitating more authentic connections with yourself, your team, and your communities.

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Serena Klaver

Serena Klaver, M.A. is a Community Resiliency Planner and PIBC-CIP Member based on Vancouver Island, B.C.

Today I possess over a decade of experience in customer relations in the public, private, and non-profit sectors specializing in identifying individual and community needs, developing enhanced systems, and creating strategic plans to help move initiatives in the direction of sustainable and lasting impacts, while developing greater resiliency at individual and community levels. 

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Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage you cannot practice any other virtue consistently.

― Maya Angelou


The future is not ours to see

Life truly has fascinating ways of showing us what it all means; what we all mean, and what life is all about.

This journey through Self-Awareness and Grief is quite something.

I am encountering my own, as well as a collective grieving process - I am grieving the envisioned life I once had.

Dearest Serena

You are re-inventing what work, productivity, and how you want to truly live a fulfilling life. This is fascinating and magnificent and so inspiring that you have this awareness at 34. Be proud of yourself.

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